Fist in the North

Session Three!

Session Three

We join our adventurers just after their melee with two magic wielders. This wider section of the crevice that splits this mountain top had only the four re-dead zombies, two torches, and a metal brazier remaining after the pair of casters fled. While some tended to Flitt’s grievous wounds, others quickly searched the area and came up empty. Rowan’s raven, Jasper, flew after the fleeing older man, but was unable to locate him on the opposite side of the mountain. Jasper did note a plume of smoke rising in the direction of town. The vote to head back to the village for assistance was universally in favor, so the party headed back.

Outside once again, Brother Kesh located the head of the defeated, slimy creature that had attacked them on their way into the crevice. Baalor wrapped the grisly trophy in a ruined waterskin and all quickly moved down the mountain path. Nearing the bottom, the party determined the smoke was from the gravedigger’s house. Proceeding with caution was wise, but unnecessary as dozens of townsfolk were present to fight the fire. No word about the cause was determined from these people. The party headed to the monastery.

Sister Julie, second in command of the monastery, met them and advised the party to head to the temple for proper healing as Flitt looked like he needed serious aid. As the party entered the large temple’s circular center they noticed the head of the monastery, Master Harold, the head of the temple, Father Phineas Crotus, the Mayor, Malcolm Freeley, and a man the monks of the party recognized as Captain Norton Kincaid of the City Guard, engrossed in conversation. At first, they moved forward cautiously, but Baalor found it more direct to simply drop the head of the beast at these men’s feet.

Learning the cemetery had been raided and necromantic creatures were involved, the Mayor immediately ran from the temple. Suspicions among the party were raised. The elder monk asked Father Phineas for medical aid for Flitt while the others described their recent encounters. Flitt was taken aside and the Master suggested the others seek rest at the monastery.

Morning brought Flitt back to the party, fully healed except for a pair of half-moon scars on his cheek where the monster had latched on with its teeth. Captain Kincaid arrived soon after with a very small companion, a gnome attached to the City Guard. He then suggested a tour of the areas of the party’s adventures of the previous day, starting in the cemetery. Outside waited a half-dozen City Guards, fully armed and armored in chain mail hauberks.

At the cemetery, the party decided to first investigate the gravedigger’s work building again. Upon entering the main room, it was evident someone had been moving things about chaotically. A quick search of the closet and room turned up little of use until Pru, the gnome, noticed an opening beneath the prayer pew. The pew was easily moved and a tunnel, complete with a ladder, was revealed. The now familiar stench of rotting bodies swept up into the room.

The team of 13 moved into the tunnels beneath, far too many to be effective in the narrow passage. The Captain sent his six men left, towards the south, while he and the party moved north, into the cemetery. The excellent tracking skills of the party came into play and a single set of fresh bootprints was followed through the various splits and cross tunnels. Eventually, these tracks led to a fairly wide passage that headed straight for a long distance.

The angle of the tunnel began to rise after ten minutes of walking and light was seen ahead. The party asked Rowan to send Jasper ahead, which she agreed to quickly. The raven flew the final 100 feet to the opening and immediately turned back. Upon landing on her shoulder, the raven indicated that she shouldn’t go that way if she wanted to live. Rowan indicated to the party that something so awful was ahead that the raven was afraid to describe it to her. Using all their stealthy tricks, Flitt and Baalor crept ahead to see for themselves.

Spreading out down the hillside beneath the tunnel opening was an enormous number of undead citizens of the village. They seemed to be just standing there, so the pair of stealthers moved back to spread the word. Pru indicated that she could cast a protective spell to keep the undead from noticing her and a pair of others. Captain Kincaid volunteered, protesting that he needed to see this for himself to believe it. Pru cast her spell on the Captain, herself, and Rowan. The three walked to the tunnel opening and looked out.

Rowan saw enough and quickly headed back down the tunnel. The pair of monks were waiting a few yards past her when they all heard the unmistakable sound of chanting. It was the same kind of chanting they heard when encountering the spell casters. The Captain seemed suddenly still, then the protective glow around both he and Pru evaporated and the undead started moving towards them. Baalor turned and sped back down the tunnel, not stopping, but passing the two monks and elf. Suddenly, the air around the gnome and Captain exploded with flames. She managed to avoid part of the blast, but the Captain took the full blast and caught on fire.

The monks charged ahead, grabbed the Captain, then dragged him back while the gnome ran at full speed with them. The entire party ran until they arrived at the cross-tunnel room below. The Captain’s paralysis faded and all decided discretion was far greater than valor and a return to town was the only choice.

Back at the cemetery, the party met up with the Captain’s men who described the other tunnel as swinging around and likely ending up beneath the gravedigger’s house. The Captain gathered everyone up and headed back to his headquarters. Upon arrival, he sent a runner away with a message, then suggested the party head back to the monastery as he needed to marshal his resources.

Sister Julie met them at the monastery and led them to the Master’s cell. It was decided that the monastery and the party were not up to the task of defeating a zombie army alone, but he would think of a way for them to contribute to the rectification of this wrong. The party then went to speak to the Mayor.

Using her skills with diplomacy, Pru talked their way past the Mayor’s secretary and into his office. Father Phineas was there, lost in thought, while the Mayor was arguing with several other men. The party got his attention and filled him in. He immediately sent sentries to guard the cemetery and western edge of town against any incursions.

end of session



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