Fist in the North

Session Two!

Session 2 recap:

After returning to the monastery for some much needed rest and recuperation, the intrepid adventurers took on the task of deciding what to do next. Should they seek the aid of the authorities or continue pursuing information on their own.

Knowing most, if not all, of the townsfolk would not believe their stories of dead bodies coming back to life, plus the possibility of becoming suspected graverobbers, the party decided to continue on their own. It was then that a cowled figure entered the monastery seeking refuge.

It took little time for the elf of the party to realize that here was a kindred, or at least another non-human individual, so she removed her own hood to reveal her elven features. The newcomer did likewise and a degree of trust established. It turns out, this half-elf had spent the night sleeping in the cemetery, not knowing where else to stay. In seeking shelter from the cold, he entered a crypt, noticed the missing bodies, and, subsequently, the tunnels beneath. He agreed to join the party to seek out answers. His name, Baalor.

A quick trip to the mayor’s sister-in-law’s house delivered the exact location of Fred Barger’s house. Fred was the village gravedigger and lived on the southwestern edge of town, near the cemetery. His house was to be found at the end of his road, tucked into the trees. The party immediately marched there.

The road and neighborhood appeared deserted, but that was to be expected in a farming and fishing village for midmorning. A few cows and a lonely dog were the companions only encounters.

Reaching the white house, the party decided to knock on the door while calling out Fred’s name. When no answer was heard, Rowan and Baalor went to the back while the others remained in the front. Baalor tried the backdoor and quickly realized that it was unlocked and partially open. The others moved to the back as he investigated the kitchen within. Rowan sent her raven on a fruitless scouting mission, Rhox stood guard, Baalor, Kesh, and Flitt searched the house. Other than some scattered papers and the graveyard ledger, they found nothing. So, they exited through the backdoor.

It was then strange words were called out from the woods and everything first went black, then the party felt themselves covered in a gooey mess. Kesh managed to avoid the goo, but the others were tangled up completely. The fear they felt was tangible as they had never experienced such a darkness, nor did they know if something more dangerous than sticky webs would appear from nowhere. Kesh moved about and eventually was able to help the others free themselves.

Throwing caution to the wind, the party advanced down a newly discovered path that led to the mountains.

The path remained quite narrow, much like a game trail, but there were clear signs of recent passage. They bravely moved up into the rocky hills.

Unlike their previous encounter with relatively fresh dead coming back to life, they were accosted by long dead come back to life. Several skeletal figures rushed from the underbrush and attacked the center of their marching column. Finished off rather quickly, these skeletons were left where they lay and the party marched onwards.

The path led to the top of the hill where the party could see the peak had been split. A long, narrow crevice ran from the top to the base of the peak and the path seemed to lead right to it. Flitt moved ahead furtively to investigate while Rowan’s raven flew to a treetop for a better look. The raven reported the scene that Flitt encountered: a single rotting body was standing and wobbling near the crevice, among some large rocks.

The party moved forward, Rowan and Baalor bringing their bows to bear. With a unifed twang of their bowstrings, the zombie was destroyed instantly. Flitt took this opportunity to investigate the body while the others were closing the distance. Unfortunately, Flitt hadn’t noticed the other two zombies standing nearby and was attacked by surprise. The party managed to destroy the two, but not before Flitt took a hit or two. They dusted themselves off and peered at the crevice opening.

Other than the crevice seeming to run through the entire hill and a few larger rocks above it, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so they moved ahead. Just as they reached the crevice, a body fell among them. By now, the party couldn’t be surprised, but the creature’s appearance did send shivers up their spines. It’s yellow skin was covered in pustules and seemed semi-rotten, while a terrible aroma poured off its body. Long claws and teeth became visible as it latched itself onto Flitt’s face. Down in a heap they went while the party beat on the thing with their weapons. Rhox’s mighty right foot took the ghast in the chin and sent its head tumbling into the underbrush some distance downhill.

Baalor and Rowan patched up Flitt the best they could, but the would on his face was quite severe. The party determined to keep Flitt as far out of trouble as possible by keeping him in the back. It was then they marched into the crevice.

Some distance was covered when several party members began hearing voices up ahead. They couldn’t see the source, but Kesh recognized the name of the evil deity Y’kruth The Destroyer being invoked ahead. Baalor crept ahead and signaled the party to close when he could see a widening of the passage.

The crevice widened to roughly 30 feet and was lit not only by a pair of torches, but a brass brazier as well. The floor was covered by a semi-luminous grey fog that clung to the legs of the quartet of zombies moving towards the party. Behind the zombies and beyond the brazier stood two men, both speaking strange words and moving their hands in patterns. A hazy blur hung around these two. The older man, on the left, was wearing something that looked like black, shiny armor, but the younger was clad in normal clothes.

In a flash, the battle began.

Baalor immediately fired his bow at the older man. Rhox battled the zombies with Kesh. Rowan summoned a wolf to fight the zombies while she drew her bow to attack the two men. Flitt hung in the back, hiding from all.

The elder man spoke loudly and with a foom sound the fog across the floor grew in intensity while the zombies’ muscles seemed to puff up. The younger man said only “burn” and laid his hands out flat, palms down. A spray of fire engulfed everything in front of him. The pair of monks managed to dive beneath it while the elf and half-elf partially dodged, but poor Flitt was lit up like a bundle of kindling. He fell to the ground, smouldering.

Kesh moved to attack the younger man as the fire had incapacitated the zombie near him, but the man jumped straight up 40 feet and hovered there. The older man attempted to cast another spell, but Baalor’s arrow nicked his arm and scattered his thoughts.

The younger man cast another spell, this one striking his ally in the back. It caused no damage, but the older man began to grow larger, quickly! Rowan’s arrow hit the young man in the thigh and he flew up and out of the crevice. The older man saw the zombies all fallen and his ally fled, so he cast a spell, obscuring himself from Kesh, and fled as well.

The party put out the fire on Flitt and bound his wounds enough to keep him barely alive.



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