Legends of Oroth

These are stories heard from the traveling bards or from the local elders. All players would be somewhat familiar with them.

Lord Mark
In the darkest time of human history, one man rose to face the darkness, a warrior-bard named Mark. Any other name has since been lost, but the power of his charisma rallied the last army of humanity high in the Vorrads. Using the mountains themselves as the high walls of their defensive position, Lord Mark turned the tide of war against the now unknown enemy. At the final battle, Lord Mark challenged and defeated the champion of the enemy, pushing the darkness of extinction away and liberating the land. In the intervening centuries all but his name and memory of his victory was lost, including exactly who it was that lost and how they were beaten.

The Fist
Constructed during the time of Lord Mark, this fortress sits at the mouth of the Thorbal River. Guarding the direct path to Mark’s Keep in the mountains was the linchpin of Lord Mark’s defensive plans during the great war. Legends tell of men aided by powerful magic users stopping the enemy from shipping troops upriver to the Keep. Since those early days, The Fist (named such for its squat shape) has been built up and built over until its current incarnation as the citadel that presides over the city of Fist. Centered on the island that splits the Thorbal at the sea, the citadel rises high over the markets, villages, and temples of a city that now extends across both banks and close to the mountains.

The Wastelands
Ancient tales, old when Lord Mark was a child, tell of a pair of kingdoms that existed in the far west of the continent. War between the two ravaged the land until a great cataclysm wracked the once fertile land, breaking and desiccating it. Rumors of ancient treasures compel some to venture into those lands. Few return. Recently, strange tales have come out of the Wastelands from Morkondian traders.

Haskin the Brave
Born in Geralium less than two centuries ago, Haskin grew into a mighty warrior and sailor. History tells of him sailing around the continent in a small craft with a handful of picked men. He founded the naval college of Geralium and sponsored the construction of a great lighthouse in the bay of the city. He was the author of the books that now teaches the kingdom how to educate its youth; to make strong, loyal members of society. It was this new mentality that eventually led to Geralium creating a Protectorate, subjugating the plainslands from the city in the south to the Vorrads in the north, Kinshome to the east, and Morkond to the west.

Legends tell a story about this island kingdom of seafaring elves once being connected to the mainland. An ancient battle severed the isthmus between Chrsah and Kinshome, separating two tribes of elves from one another. It is said the enemy was destroyed by the sea rushing into the newly formed gap.

Legends of Oroth

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